Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Organizing a wedding abroad

After reading pages 23 and 24 from your textbook, write a brief composition about your own wedding experience, either if you have been married abroad or not. Comment if you actually needed all the documents detailed in your book, the places you visited during your honeymoon, the restaurant or catering services hired for the event, etc.
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http://www.foreverwed.com/grooms/Groom%27s%20Wedding%20Vocabulary%20Guide.htm (for Natives)


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  1. Do you want us to take part in this blog? Can we add here our compositions to be corrected?
    Please answer soon
    Thank you
    A tourism student

  2. I think yes, we have to add here the compositions, but if you want to be part of the redes project, you must join in (in "join this site"). For this project, we must wait for a definitive answer, that will be available in the forums.

  3. Hi Gisela,
    We must say "I think so" or "I don't think so".
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  4. Hi María...This is my work. I hope you like it.


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  5. Hello José,
    Your job must be personal, you must write good English but you can use your own words and what you have learnt from the vocabulary course.

  6. Ok Lucia. Sorry for the confusion, I misread the text. I'll change it and I'll do it more personal. Thanks for your feedback.



  7. Fine, José.

  8. Well, I'm going to talk about my own experience. I got married some years ago, but nowadays I'm divorced, things didn't go well...
    We got married in the city hall of my town. We celebrated a civil ceremony, but it was officiated by a friend of my family, who was city councillor.
    As it was in my own city, we didn't have to make so much paperwork, only in the registry office and in the city hall.
    It was not a big ceremony, only relatives and a few friends.
    We had lunch in a restaurant which served home made food. I don't like weddings in which small plates are served and where you can't understand the name of what you are eating.
    We travelled to Lisbon in the honeymoon. We spent a week there. As this country is in the European Union, we just have to carry our identity cards. We also could pay with our credit cards without problems.
    If we had travelled to another country, out of the E.U., maybe we would have put some vaccines, or have got a Visa.

  9. I got married 10 years ago. It was a religious ceremony and we had a special choir with children and guitars. After the service we had dinner in a restaurant and danced until high time at night. The following day we went on our honeymoon to central Europe. We had to have our passports but not vaccinations of any kind, the only thing was that we had to get the currency of the countries we visited. As English is a lingua franca, we didn´t have problems of communication, although we could also pay with credit cards.
    It was a very nice trip to remember and we took many pictures and brought brochures from everywhere.

  10. Thanks, Gisella and Antonio, for sharing with us your experiences!

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    1. ...Creo que me he equivocado el tema. Ya lo escribiré de nuevo más tarde...

  12. I got married five years ago. My wedding took place in Madrid but since I was living in Minorca at that moment, we had to organise everything by phone calls and emails. I guess this is similar in some way as getting married abroad.
    The ceremony and the later reception were hold in the same place: a very nice restaurant by the river Tajo called "El Castillo" surrounded by a huge and amazing garden that once belonged to the Spanish Royal family.
    The sun was shining when I crossed the bridge to meet my bridegroom. Even now I can feel it shining down on my skin...
    My husband-to-be was smiling nervously at me while I was walking towards him on my white wedding dress.
    After the ceremony, the photos and the toast, the reception finaly started and as the day was wearing off -and we all were drinking more and more- the true "fiesta" started.

    I have to say that I had a very very nice time. I wouldn't mind doing it all over again.

    Today I'm a happy married mother of two and every time I look back to that day all I feel is happiness.

  13. Hi everybody, I got married one year and a half ago. My girlfriend and I, have decided to get married because we are living in different places since she has reached a position in Ibiza and it gave us the opportunity of being together for 15 days! Well, we are living in Galicia before she got the position and I am working for a big company and it is difficult to me move from Galicia to Ibiza.
    We organised a little wedding with our most closer relatives in a vegetarian restaurant and it was a very good option, due to the fact that we love vegetarian food and we could share our preferences with them in this important date.
    Before the ceremony, we invited our friends and workmates, for a "vermouth with tapas" in a bar near the registry office and it was wonderful too.
    The day after the ceremony, we started our honeymoon, flying to New York. It was the most exiting travel I have ever did. The simple fact of taking a walk for Manhattan and discover the little corners full of histories... I recommend, at least once a life, spend a week in NYC, in truth, my opinion about USA changed when we returned to Spain.

  14. I got married two years ago in Ibiza. My man and I are not believer, so that the wedding took place in a Registry Office. Any special documents were not necessary for the wedding ceremony, only our Passports were required. There were few guests invited; only the close friends and family accompanied us. We wanted an intimate marriage ceremony. Two friends of us took the pictures and made the Wedding Video. The later Wedding Reception were hold in a wonderful, little Asian Restaurant close to the beach with an exotic atmosphere. A band was playing live music during the banquet and also in the after party in the beach, where a catering served cold drinks. It was a funny celebration and some of the guests decided to swim in the sea , including the bridegroom and the bridesmaids.

  15. Hi María,

    I would like to know if I can write about a freind's experience as I'm not married. I helped her while she was organizing the wedding and she is quite happy to share the details through my composition.

    Laura Torres González

  16. Hello.
    Im not married, but im goint to write about my wedding sister's experience.
    She get married 10 years ago in Madrid. She was dating with his boyfriend for 5 years and they decieded to get married.
    The ceremony was in the Casino of Madrid with all the family and friends of the bride and groom.
    The parents-in-law and the maids of honour were in the first line all the time.
    The wedding dress wasn't really long and the morning dress wasn't black. It was not a traditional wedding.
    They went to Thailand in their honeymoon and it was horrible, because they have bad luck in the trip. The bride was 10 hours next to a man who smelled very badly. On the way back to Spain, she was next to a obese man who smelled bad too. But the bride in the trip eat something bad and she was all the next 7 days with a virus.
    What begins badly, worse ends and now, they are divorced.

    Ana Espejo Marín