Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tailor-made tours: tourism for dissable people

This time I will ask you something actually challenging to you! You will need to design a cultural trip for a group of 20 middle-aged people to an European city of your choice. Try to choose an accesible city if you can. You will also need to think about a real accesible hotel, museums, streets for walk in a wheelchair, etc.

ready?... go!


  1. “Make it easy!”, the first travel agency which offers free-barrier trips for those who need being assisted

    Join us to this wonderful trip to Salzburg, Austria , and discover that disabled people can also be one more in the world of tourism!

    Hotel Sacher Salzburg. This 5-star hotel offers all the facilities and assistance in all the installations, which fit the needs for every single guest

    Day tour around the city:
    Museum of Natural Science and Technology, where our clients will enjoy the amazing aquarium, the reptile zoo and the dinosaur hall among other things, with the help of a professional staff. Wheel-chairs are available at the entrance and during all the visit.
    Mozart´s birthplace, where the worldwide composer saw life for the first time on 27th January, 1756.
    Mozart´s residence, a fabulous house which inspired many of his compositions.
    Cathedral and Cathedral Museum, where you will be lucky to see the most important objects and religious paintings by other famous artists.

    All our clients will be assisted during the journey by specialized personnel

    On arrival in Salzburg, our clients will be provided with the brochure “Exploring Salzburg without barriers”, where the clients will find those places which are accessible for disabled people, especially parks and magnificent gardens where they will be able to hire a especial motor vehicle.

  2. Hi Antonio,
    I guess this is just a one day trip, isn't it? but it sounds very interesting and well organized for this kind of group. Very nice.