Saturday, 5 November 2011

Presentation skills

After reading pages 132 and 133 from your textbooks, visit this website with more ideas about speaking in public. There, you will find information about how to deal with visual presentations projected with the help of a computer.

There are many places found in the Internet to host your presentation in order to be share with other people. One of the most famous ones is called Slideshare. Try to upload yours, using the exercise done in the mentioned pages and paste its url using the comments option of this entry in you wish.


  1. Speaking in public is not an easy task, especially is you are going to be assessed, for example, but in general this fact makes be nervous days before and change our mood, why? Nerves can spoil a good presentation if we are not able to control them, no matter how long we have been preparing it, it will be a failure!
    So, good ice breakers help to create a warm atmosphere between the audience and you.
    Rehearsing your presentation seems to be a good way to be confident but too much rehearsing may make you have the day of your presentation in your mind all the time!
    The golden rules which appear in this website help in some way, but one must know how to control the situation wherever you are.

  2. I have already joined to slideshare, but I don´t know how to use it. Have I to do the presentation with, for example, PowerPoint, or should I do this through this web?
    Could I do this excercise about another topic, but related to tourism?

  3. Hi!!! Could anybody tell me if I have to do this excercise through slide shire,and how does it work? Do I have to create the presentation first through Power Point or similar and then upload it thorugh slide share?

  4. As they say, Practice makes perfect, so the more we speak in public the better we will do it. Well said, Antonio. There is also plenty of info on the Internet with hints and help for beginners.
    Gisela, you can have a look at tutorials on slideshare, it is very easy, try a browser, write Slideshare tutorials and you can find things like this:
    I hope this helps.